About the collections and the characteristic style of Virginia Vald:

The garments are characterized by the care and dedication put in each design, starting at the patron, through the combination of fine fabrics, until the confection.
The collections are inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. The designs and colors have a hippy-chic inspiration and influence. A style that merges with Ad-lib fashion with its own character.
At the moment the collections are mainly focused on spring-summer campaigns, but some garments are for all year around.


Ibiza Edition:

Honors white and natural colors, producing clothes for day by day with a sport-chic touch



Frida Edition:


Frida Calho awakens passion creating an edition with seductive lines in folk style. Ethnic prints, bright colors and decorative materials transform into bold clothes.



Night Edition:


Here are some of our high-end garments from our collection. Playing with transparencies, silk and jewelry. We combine semiprecious stones that resemble the elements of the earth integrating them to the fabric and colors, all hand embroidered in the workshop of Ibiza: creating jewelry pieces.





Tropical Edition


Inspires freshness and joy. We have chosen suggestive, light and colorful fabrics combined with some military green garments to give it a more “trendy” look, creating a combination of elements that transport us into the wild.