Virginia Vald


Born in 1975 in Barcelona.

After primary school, all studies and her career have been linked to dance, design, makeup, fashion, styling ... In the 90´s he began to spend time on the island of Ibiza, where she finally settled down.

In 2012 she started a new project and founded the female fashion brand Virginia Vald.

She had her first fashion show with the spring-summer 2013 collection. "I chose the island for its energy and the strength it gives me. Certainly, Ibiza´s fashion style is a landmark around the world. I love authenticity and what pushed me to start this project was to mantain track of what was and is for me a way to dress, a lifestyle.” “My dream is to make women enjoy wearing my designs. My philosophy; making quality fashion. My struggle; produce most of the collection in Spain and my passion; make unique clothes. " "My brand has developed slowly and that gives me the opportunity to push the boundaries of my creativity and keep my freedom in design."