Ibiza Edition

Since our workshop and our life is part of Ibiza, we should do honor to white. 
Playing in the range of organic colors and natural textures. We integrate decorative compositions that draw a smooth line with classic and chic touch.


Etnic- Frida Edition

Frida Calho constant inspiration ... Wake me a passionate side in more volatile and seductive lines. Suman ethnic prints , bright colors...
combined with decorative materials creating garments with character and fun , making bold and strong garments.


Night Edition

Here are some high-end garments from our collection. Playing with transparencies and giving a modern twist on jewelry. 
Semiprecious stones combine elements reminiscent of the earth integrated with the colors of the fabrics , 
all hand embroidered in the workshop of Ibiza. Creating jewelry pieces . 
Combinations of silk garments that draw gala, parties and events. In some draws sleek and whipped like element is integrated. 
Others with a subtle spirit of the years 70/80 . Striking motifs and different styles for summer. All sexy and masculine election time .